Coffee and Science at Amoret, Notting Hill

3D hot chocolate art on an iced chocolate, Mace, Mace KL, dogs in a chocolate
What determines the structural properties of foam and how does latte art work?

Perhaps you’ve noticed something interesting about the vortices in your cup, or maybe you’re just curious about how latte art works: whatever your question, come along and discuss the physics of coffee (and the coffee of physics) at an evening of coffee and science at Amoret Coffee in Notting Hill.

The evenings are designed to be conversational, with small groups of up to 20 people coming together to discuss all things coffee… and science. Upcoming events are listed below, or if you’ve missed an event but would like to continue the conversation, you can visit the Virtual Coffee House on Facebook to continue discussing the topics of evenings past.

All events will be held at Amoret Coffee, 53 Pembridge Road, London, W11 3HG. Doors open at 17:30 for a 18.00 start. Please sign up on the FB events page or by emailing Bean Thinking.

Note: During the Covid-19 pandemic, we won’t be holding any Coffee and Science evenings. Please do check back as the situation improves to see if we’re back, or sign up to the events list or email to find out more.

  • Wednesday 25th March 2020: Space Coffee – ** POSTPONED **

Sadly I have had to postpone this event. Please keep an eye on the Facebook Page for further details (or you can sign up to the events list here). Hope to be back soon!

How does the physics of your coffee cup relate to the weather on Jupiter or an odd feature on Saturn? What happens in a supernova and how does that relate to what can happen in a coffee cup? Come along for an evening of experiments and discussion and to find out more, sign up on FB here.

  • From coffee to aeroplane engines via roasting **Date to be re-arranged**

We’ll be discussing the physics of coffee roasting and hopefully getting to observe the roaster in action, more details soon but meanwhile, you can sign up on FB here.

You can find out more info by joining our events list here, emailing Bean Thinking or signing up on our Facebook events page. For a review of a previous evening, please see Brian’s Coffee Spot here.

We look forward to meeting you soon at Amoret.